How to migrate a group to another project?

I know how to migrate separate single actors, but I don’t know how to migrate a group of combined actors.
I know that I can merge my group into a single static mesh actor and then move it to another project, but by that I won’t be able to unmerge this actor.
The point is, I want to move my group (a modular house with decorations) to another project. Also, I want to have a possibility to ungroup it any time, so I can change some modular parts, delete some objects, so I can customize my mesh.

Hey @ORTyOW! Welcome to the Forums!

Instead of having to merge all of your assets into a single mesh, what may work best is to take your modular house and decorations and create a blueprint out of them. Then you would migrate that blueprint and all of the necessary parts! When you migrate the blueprint it should also migrate any asset required by your blueprint. Like it says in the Migrating Assets documentation:

“The Content Browser contains the Migrate Tool , which allows assets to be copied from one project to another, along with any dependent assets. For instance, you can migrate a Material, and any Texture assets that define that Material will automatically be copied along with it. This is useful when you need to merge or fork projects, or when transitioning from a test environment into a production project.”

All you need to do is select all your assets you would like to group, then at the top of the viewport click blueprints and convert selection into new blueprint class.

4.x example:

5.0 example:

I hope the above solution works for you!


Hi @ORTyOW , I just did a simple test of how it worked for me without creating any new assets or anything else.

  • Group some actors within World outliner, that should be migrated to another project
  • Select one of them, so group gets selected.
  • Ctrl-B to get all involved assets highlighted in Content Browser
  • Migrate from here into the other project using the standard migrate method
  • In World outliner, again select the group, then do right mouse button > Edit > Copy (ctrl c)
  • In world outliner in destination project do right mouse button > Edit > Paste

The migrate does copy all content that is required to the destination project at the correct locations, so that the copy/paste operation can successfully transfer the group information to the destination project.
This copy just is in text format, that you can view in an editor:

Begin Map
Begin Level
Begin Actor Class=/Script/Engine.StaticMeshActor Name=SM_TreeStumpA8_2 Archetype=/Script/Engine.StaticMeshActor’/Script/Engine.Default__StaticMeshActor’ GroupActor=GroupActor_0
Begin Object Class=/Script/Engine.StaticMeshComponent
… skip…
End Actor
Begin Actor Class=/Script
… skip…
End Actor
End Level
Begin Surface
End Surface
End Map

You can simply ungroup in the destination project as well as you required.
Worked like a charm.


O_O Thanks O_O It works just fine! Furthermore I can use my Grouped Blueprint as a Group(move it, scale it etc), BUT ALSO I can double click to a specific actor(part of group) and change it as well! So it is simultaneously a group but also a compile of multiple actors which I can change in the moment without the need of ungrouping it! Wow! I couldn’t do it with a just simple grouped mesh. This is a discovery for me, thank you!

Thank you! That worked as well :slight_smile:

actually I found a problem: I cant delete an actor inside Blueprint Mesh (when I double click on Grouped BP Mesh to choose a specific actor)

I found a solution how to delete it inside Blueprint Editor by finding object in components tree and deleting it. Is there an easier way? @Quetzalcodename

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Hey @ORTyOW!

I am happy that worked for you! Generally you can edit, add, and delete meshes with ease inside of the blueprint editor window which is what you did. It makes sure that nothing is accidentally deleted in the scene and should automatically update your scene as well.

You do not necessarily have to find the asset in the component tree if you navigate to the asset in the blueprint editor viewport, then select the desired asset and pressing delete on they keyboard. Just remember to compile and save your blueprint after.


As an additional tip, you can create a child blueprint of your modular house BEFORE you edit it. This will act as a version control so you can go back to a previous point if anything goes wrong.


Thank you! Now I get it. I tryed to delete it inside the main layer, not in Blueprint Viewport.

@Quetzalcodename solution did work but I’m having trouble editing the meshes materials. Is there a way to edit a mesh material inside a blueprint? How to do it?
Or even just undoing the blueprint and back to just static meshes.

Also I tried @herb64 solution and it crashes unreal when trying to paste group

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thats good question