How To? Mesh Deformation During Run-time e.g Boolean Subtraction

Hey Everyone,
I’m a novice with UE4 but know the basics and enjoy playing around with different mechanics. I came across an idea I want to try and implement but not sure where to start so any guidance is appreciated. How can I use one mesh such as a cylinder (drill bit) to drill a hole into or through a cube (wall), during the run-time of the level? It sounds like some sort of Boolean operation would be ideal but how to implement it? Have come across some info on dynamic/procedural meshes that can be sliced but I want to carve out some details.

Thanks Guys

Hi there I Wonder if this topic is still unsolved :slight_smile:
I have a similar question. I Want to create static-mesh components within an Actor blueprint and then have the possibility to make a substraction (geometric boolean operation) during runtime for a procedural building.
At the moment i started to reverse the procedure and only add smaller prepared components (Walls, walls with openings for windows or doors, different shaped walls etc…, ) next to each other (line or grid). This is very costly and brings lots of additional new issues. Especially in creating floors for staircases or elevators this starts to be a mess.
Is there any solution right now?
Thank you very much!