How to merge nvidia gameworks with UE4?

Hello everyone

I want to have unreal engine 4.12 ( 4.11 works too) + NVIDIA GameWorks such as Flex , HairWorks , WaveWorks , HBAO+. NVIDIA release them separately and one great man ( GalexyMan2015) have merged them all together, but its very old , the version is 4.9.1.

Here is my problem:

I’m new with GitHub an its stuff.and I want to do this on my own. I’ve seen some video on YouTube about branching and merging and other things, but there are still some questions.

Should I merge [ue4+flex] with [ue4+HairWorks] and [ue4+WaveWorks] and so on, in this link(

Merge one UE4 with several GameWorks [UE4]+[flex]+[HairWorks ]+[WaveWorks ]+…

Which one?
And where I can get NVIDIA GameWorks on GitHub ?
And if you have special Tutorilas about GameWorks on ue4, please lead me to it

Thanks and best regards.

Should anyone ever come here looking for answers ill just leave this link to a continually updated merged pack here.

Have you solved this problem?