How to measure the real size in UE4

E.g., get the real distance between two points.

There are some cheap working measure tools on the marketplace.

I made a quick blueprint similar to this a while ago.

Hey bros!

Just reviving this old topic as I created a new Measurement Tool which you can use in game!

If you wanna download it - head to my public Google Drive Folder!

And this little Tool Features:

Create single line and groups which will show you the total length
Select between single lines and groups
Change text placement
Toggle text look at player
Toggle LineTrace visibility to see hit response (need to change that to a text indicator to know if we hit as we can toggle the distance of the dots)

And more! Just don’t wanna make this list too long ;]

And funny thing - that was almost 2 years since I wrote my video-answer here and now I am reposting as recently I made this old idea really come true! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wonder if anyone will ever read this post again XD Click on any link if you did even if you need nothing so I can check on how many of you have ever made it till the end of this message, think of it like an Easter Egg :v:

Wish you all the best with your projects! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:


This is a great idea! Does it work with V4.27? There is a warning about it being created with an older version of UE. I downloaded and started the projectup, is it just supposed to work, or is there an on button? Not seeing any thing coming from the gun.

If you just need to see the difference between two points in the editor, go into an ortho view and click+hold middle mouse button and drag.

Plus you have the grid as well.

Hey everyone again, long time after I created this post

I am glad you like it, however it’s very buggy and incomplete so don’t get scared when downloading the Project :smiley:

I made some time later a recreation of this to make possibility to create shapes immediately like squares, circles etc.
Also a bit buggy and very incomplete but better than 1st version, maybe I will recreate to a way better thing in the future but I can’t tell, for now working on my Music Player

Anyway, if you want here’s the DL for this Project

Please be aware it doesn’t have any visible length of the lines (as for now)

And if you’re not aware of it I host way more stuff on my G-Drive

Take care and thanks once again for being here and supporting my “art” :smiley:

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Hey !

I don’t know if you’re still up on these projects, but your 1st measurement tool is working well !

However , i just have an issue , i only want to get the Z Axis difference between the 2 spheres , i’ve been trying to find something but it would completely collapse all your blueprints.

If you have an idea , or can still help , i’ll be very grateful!


Hi, sorry for late answer

If you’re still searching for an answer - if you need distance between two Spheres you can get their World Locations and use “Distance (Vector)” to get the distance between their middle points, if you need the outside parts you can apply some math to calculate the distance from center point to the edges of the sphere which can be easily calculated using the sphere size :slight_smile: