How to measure the minimum and recommended specs to run my game?

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SEO for this board on Google is a little bad, then I didn’t see anything related to this subject, ok? If there is another thread surrounding my question, please, just link to me and pardon me about this one.

So, the title is a little suggestive: I want to know how I can measure the minimum and recommended settings to run my game in its runnable release. There is some feature on UE4 that am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

By testing it, once you have your game in a playable state you can benchmark it and figure out what the recommended specs are (if your settings are at medium and runs at ~60 fps then that would be the recommended specs I would suggest for example).
There is no other way to really know since every game can be extremely different (depends mostly on how many graphical goodies it has).

The minimum requirement is a dx11 capable card and of course a cpu that is not super outdated.

So, it’s something measured by just testing - there’s not a tool to help with this, right?

That’s not true, it seems that UE4 can run on an OpenGL 3.2 capable card which everyone should have.

Hey UE4 Community,

I’ve been searching for an answer to the question for this old thread, about how to measure your UE4 game’s minimum specs. I wanted to be able to package and send an early version of my project out for someone else to test, and they asked if their computer could run it.

I know that when UE4 games release, they usually have more detailed specs than “not a super outdated computer” + Dx11.

A few people mentioned that you could test your project and it might have lower specs. What would we test it with?