How to matinee the Aspect ratio?

I want the aspect ratio to be touched and altered in matinee any idea ?

You mean the camera aspect ratio (the one that is 1.777780) ? Not sure about matinee but you can do it in kismet.Use the modify property kismet node and inside type AspectRatio ,turn on the checkbox Modify property and in property value type the aspect ratio that you want.

Alright that works, should i create a sequence action called interpolate the aspect ratio ? know what I mean ?

I want to make it smooth when comes out and in of aspect ratio. matinee cameras to.

Yes i absolutely meant that.

You mean change the aspect ration to be animated like a zoom in and out like if it was a FOV for a camera? Never tried that. I could try and fake that type of aspect ratio using 2 rectangle polygon planes with black unlit material, that are close to the camera view and just animate them in matinee to close in and out to simulate the aspect ratio change.

Haha that is a good solution, :rolleyes: after all it’s black pixels rendered black pixels all the same…