How to matinee from hud button

I’m a newbie to UE4 and I want to use it for a museum display.
What I want is a HUD with buttons so that when you touch them it runs different matinees to move the camera in various positions than run a steam engine simulation.
I’ve started simple, a room with a box rotating in it and a single HUD button.
The problem I’m having is that I can select the matinee and reference it in the level blueprint to run it but I cant reference it in the HUD interface blueprint to run it from onclick button172.
How can I do this and will onclick work for a touchscreen on windows?
The HUD button loads when you run the game and the box does rotate if I hook it up to event beginplay .
Thanks in advance.

I think what you are looking for, is in fact Event dispatchers: They are the only way to communicate between something like HUD and Level BP. At first they can appear like crazy magic, but have a look at this guys IMO splendid video(s):

A Matinee is an actor in the scene so you can in scene outliner
Give your Matinees unique names or preferably tags

in your blueprint you can onclick

Get All Actors of class > MatineeActor > loop over them and compare the apropriate Tag
If Tag is the one searched for save the matinee actor as local variable break the loop and call the localvariable to play.

I know onclick does work on my android id assume it works for a windows touchscreen too but there is a ontouch too you could hook in at the same time.

Thanks but none of this makes any sense to me .
A screenshot of what the blueprint should look like would help a lot.

Something like this, note in the World Outliner you select your matinees, give them Tags to describe them so you can identify them in the blueprint.

ofc you could go with Event dispatchers as was mentioned as well if you’d rather start your matinees from the level blueprint.