How to mask a landscape material function?

Hello all
This is the first question I ask here as a beginner after months of studying landscape Materials.
Is there a way, or wich is the best way to mask a landscape material function with a black and wihte texture mask in the same function, so that it can be used to procedural apply for exapmle a road masked Material and even be painted in a advanced landscape material?

I don’t know if I’ve correctly understood the question, but once you have a material with paintable layers, go in landscape paint mode and you can right click on a layer to fill the landscape with it based on a black and white texture (import).
You can still paint this layer wherever you want.

This technique is great for example when working with softwares like Gaea or World Machine that can output textures based on particular parts of the terrain (example creases of erosion, or top of mountains), but you can paint it yourself with an image editor it will work the same.

For things like roads, it can be usefull to look at landscape spline tools also ( Non-Destructive Landscape tools in UE4 (Spline Actor) - YouTube )

Thanks for the reply! I’m allready using this import tech on the paintlayers in the Material for landscape size resolution masks on forest bioms, lakes, rivers and so on. For roads and path (procedural and grasstype vegetation masking) I need a much higher resolution than the landscape at 2017 pixel per tile.
As the image overlay can even have 16384 pixel that is projected on the 2k map, I need a shader masking tech for that resolution on streets and railroad too, prefered in a all in one material function. Im not using the new Layer system, i want to make it this way first. I allready have it woking but not where i want it to be. Hope this helps for a better understanding. :wink:

Ah I see, I don’t have more ideas…

As for the splines, wich I would prefer… Is there a working tech or plugin to import splines, even tile per tile on world composition landscape tiles that is also affordable?

Looks like the vegetation distribution and masking depend on the landscape resolution. Higher mask resolution does not matter for that. Is that right?

It is really not necessary to mask it how i was thinking. The paintlayer import function works fine even for small roads, only needs some texure blending parameters