How to mario

pls give me mario character and blueprint

No one is going to make a game for you or help you make it if you’re not going to put some work in first. Also, do not make another *Mario *game. Make a Fat Moustached Plumber game instead, if you must.

Also, Lucasfilm issues informal cease and desist order to fan-made Indiana Jones remake happened today :frowning:

“We have been asked politely by a new promoted Lucasfilm Head of business development person to stop developing and distributing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition demo. We will remove the downloading buttons from our website this Sunday (5th March 2017). We have been told that Lucasfilm don’t want to share the Indy license with anyone right now, so we came up with other solution and we will see if that is going to work for them.”

You do not want to end up in trouble or have your work go to waste (apart from the stuff you learn making it, that is)

On the more constructive note, have a look at YT video tutorials, have a look at the content examples…

to be honest, those guys were pretty dumb, indiana jones is a very famous franchise, why they didn’t ask for copyrights?