How to map texture to landscapes 0-1 UV coordinates, no tiling

I’m trying to put a texture onto a landscape that has no tiling - same way you’d put a texture on a character model for instance. It should fill the 0-1 space.

I am trying to use landscape layer coordinates but having a hard time. How do I determine the correct scale? My terrain is 4033, but when I input 4033 it looks a little off. And the big problem is that the texture is not aligned, and the Mapping Panning values seem random. I have put many values in there but cannot figure out what it is actually doing because the results seem random.

For instance, I got one axis to align with a Mapping Panning U value of 0.41. Why? The problem is, that took an hour because I have to enter values on at a time, recompile the shader, and that can take up to a minute.

I must be doing something wrong, this cannot be the normal way to map a texture to a landscapes 0-1 space.

Any advice is apprecaited.

You do this with world position offset and bound size.
That way no matter what the landscape size is, the UV will always be in a 0 to 1 range for the whole landscape.

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awesome thanks!

Hi, I have the same problem. But I can’t understand what you wrote as a solution. Can you explain more clearly?

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