How to map player data

I’m working on a game where the players can take different paths to get from the start to the end. What I’m wanting to do is somehow record in the 3D environment how the player is moving through the level. I’m wondering how to output this data in a way that I can view the most visited areas, kind of like a heatmap made up of all the lines that are the paths players have taken.

I also wondered how to store variables in an excel spreadsheet, to see at what point the player is using particular items.

Any help would be awesome.

Hm, i can only think about using the Log to write down the Playerdata.

You could use the Tick and a 1 Sec Delay to post the player position into the Log every one second. The Print node should be enough. There is a check mark for posting it only to the Log.

You could then make a String to print that is easy to find.

Like: Playerdata | Position | X: Y: Z:
And for the x y z you break the vector of the player position.

Later you could go though the Log and collect all posts.

I don’t know if it is even possible to post something in an excel Spreadsheet with Blueprints only.

I thought they added support for spreadsheets in blueprints. Hmm…

Could be :X if so, i’m sorry for false information.

The only thing i find googling is to use Excel to IMPORT data. Not to save data. There was also a Question on something you want and a big answer that this is not available. I will link it to you, maybe it answers the question.

You can use an array of vectors, no? Just create one and keep adding to it every five seconds or so. UE4 can easily handle arrays with 500,000+ elements.

But would there be a way to output the array to a file? Even just a text file?