How to manually rebuild the Nav Mesh

Hey Everyone,

Can anyone help me with manually rebuilding the nav mesh? I will take C++ or Blueprints and even pointers to relevant answers or forum posts etc would be helpful.

By the way I know that the Nav Mesh can rebuild itself at runtime but that doesn’t work for this scenario and I need to be able to manually rebuild it.

Thanks in advance

You can use Execute Console Command node with parameter “RebuildNavigation”.
I don’t know if there’s a better way to do it, but this should work for you.

I haven’t tried the RebuildNavigation command but I found that if you tick the ForceRebuildOnLoad option in the RecastNavMesh-Default that should appear in the scene out liner then it appears to work for what I needed it to do as I just needed it to generate the navmesh at the start of the game. I will however try the console command in case I want to regenerate it later on in the game.

A possible way by using C++

UNavigationSystemV1* navigation_system = UNavigationSystemV1::GetCurrent(GetWorld());

if (navigation_system)

Tested with UE4.24

RebuildNavigation is generating a Command Not Found error when used from C++ but works when I run it from the editor for me