How to manually keyframe morphs

Okay. I’m having a horrible day trying to figure this out. Any help with it is sincerely appreciated.
I’ve got a character that is skinned to a skeleton, and also has morphs applied to it. The morphs are body morphs that I intend to use as corrective poses in UE4. The export/import process works just fine.

The problem I have is I need to generate pose assets to be able to trigger my morphs using the Pose Driver node (why it requires poses instead of just allowing me to set a morph weight value is beyond me, but let’s work with what we have). Now… I have not been able to figure out a decent way to generate these pose assets! So, I’ve tried the following…

I tried creating an empty Pose Asset. The problem with it… is that it’s completely empty, and I cannot add any sort of curve or property to it. Why am I allowed to create empty pose assets?

So, that didn’t work. I assumed there would be a way for me to open the Skeletal Mesh, set the weight on a morph right there, and maybe “Create Pose Asset from current pose” or something. But nope.
I then read you can generate Pose Assets from animation assets. So I thought of creating an animation where I’d trigger manually each morph by creating 3 keyframes per morph (w=0, w=1, w-0), and create my Pose Assets from that. But apparently, there is NO WAY to just open an “animation editor” and start adding keyframes to channels or attributes, as in any other DCC in the planet. What I did was I selected all morph channels, click on the record button, and change their values at the same time. I then stopped record mode, and my animation asset was created.
However, when I went to edit it, it seems nothing was recorded! The curves for all morphs were there, and there was a keyframe per frame, but no recorded data. I didn’t mind, because I was gonna edit the keyframe values anyway. However, it is EXTREMELY hard to edit any data in those super little curve editors. Zooming works terribly, editing values is extremely cumbersome, etc. This was gonna take ages.

So, my last resort was to go for it and create the animation in Maya, and export it into UE4 and go from there. Again, the process was quite painless. The problem was again working with the animation in UE4! I checked the animation, and everything looked fine. I then created a Pose Asset from it, and went to take a look.
So, UE created a pose per second!! Not per frame! Since my animation in Maya has a keyframe each 10 frames, the poses created by UE do not match the poses I need to nail at all! My animation is 35 seconds long, during which I’m animating 22 morph channels. In UE4, I have 35 poses (one per second), but for each pose, the weights of each morph are completely off (I cannot find a pose in which my morph had a weight of 1.0).

This basically means I’d have to go back to Maya, move my keyframes so I have a key ever 30 seconds (assuming UE works at 30 fps… I still need to check on that), and re-export, and see if I can go from there.

This is all a major PITA just to get poses to drive from my blueprint.

So, I’m hoping someone here might be able to tell me I’m an idiot, and that there is a really easy way to create a Pose Asset from my mesh weighted towards a certain shape using my morphs. I’ll be crossing my fingers and hoping all my headaches just come from my lack of familiarity with UE4 (which I am not afraid to admit).

Any help is REALLY appreciated in advance.