How to manage big assets libraries?


I’m member of relatively small dev team. We have a lot of assets and the problem is - we keep redoing them accidentally. We keep forgetting what’s already modelled and we keep redoing meshes and textures and sound effects. It’s not only waste of time but also results in unpleasant situations when we need to choose between the same asset made by 2 team members. Currently we keep assets in git repo just in directories but there’s just so many directories and all maps contain universal elements which could be reused - except they’re not because we keep forgetting such item has already been made for different map.

How to successfully organize assets library to make content tracking easy?

Here is a link I found that may help you guys. You all will have to add notes in areas and or rename everything (hassle but overtime you will adapt). Tring to find that section In the UE4 wiki that covers naming conventions. Also may help in beginning that only one or 2 of you upload new assets to help cut down on redone materials or you all can takle it together as a form of leason learned to not do again. How ever helps you grow as a group is best for the group. GL

my best suggestion that really applies to any software project is Naming Conventions and then keep some syncronized file (cheapest example: a google spreadsheet) with asset name, creator, and a brief description, maybe a custom tool (a quick local webpage) to store it and add a thumbnail, maybe there is already a tool for that


This plugin (MORT) maybe will help you to easy organize your project structure (rename actors\objects in the World Outliner and Content Browser):


  • Find and replace
  • Rename and Numerate
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

Another approach which helped us a lot is to forget about hierarchical structures/file systems.
Media items typically don’t belong to a single parent (type, project, creator)
The only valid order is the creation time. Instead of folders, use multiple tags which describe your media.

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