How to manage an array of elements to do actions over them?

I really thought blueprints would be easier, but I guess my background with programming is merely JS and PHP so I can’t ask much.

I’m trying to create a simple othello/reversi game. For that I wanted to create multiple geometric cube meshes to create a layout. The problem is that I don’t even know where to begin to create them in a way that will allow me to refer to them when trying to validate if it’s an allowed move or not. And not knowing what most blueprint commands do probably has to do with it.

I guess what i’m looking for is how to make all the objects become an array or a class that can be referenced easily as Array[x,y]

The bad new is UE4 blueprint only support 1 dimension array Array[x], so either you use C++ or you need to think of other way to do things.

Check out the Puzzle project template, i think it has some similar features to your project mate.

While that’s true, it’s actually fairly easy to use a 1D array as if it was 2D as long as the array size is fixed. You only need an access function that internally maps the x/y indices to a single index and vice versa.

If x and y are the indices for a given array element and maxX and maxY are the maximum width/height of the 2D array, the actual index idx for the 1D array would be
idx = maxX * y + x