How to make Zelda-like multiple save slot system

I am working on a multiple save slot system - I have created the 3 save slots menu - I choose one and the game starts…

But how would my character once the game starts know which slot I have chosen? To Load up the save info from?

If I create a variable text “SaveSlot_001” 002 and 003

Where can I cast to in order to get which slot I have chosen in the menu?

Give each save a unique name & name the savegame to whatever was used, and load it based on that.

For example, either an auto generated name based on date/time, or let the player set his/her own save name. So when a player creates a new save slot and named it “NewGame”, when you create the savegame, give it that name, and laod it using that name.

I think I found a solution that worked for me-

So I create 2 Save Game Blueprints

1 for all the main game info and 1 for “chosen slot”

In the widget when I select which slot I want to Save in - It saves the Name of that slot to the “chosen slot Save BP”

and when the level loads - and the character spawns - on begin play you get the save slot you want to load from

Thank you for the quick answer

This could totally work also but it is not the solution I was looking for for my particular situation