How to Make Your Game Run At 60FPS?

Is it automatically running at 60FPS, is their an actual way to make it run at 60FPS, or does it depend on the hardware and things you are using? Thanks! Also, this is a fighting game being made so the 60FPS comes in with each move and stuff.

The engine is capped by default at 60fps, but you have to be running the engine on capable hardware in order to achieve 60fps.

In the viewport, there’s a little arrow in the top-left that has an option to show fps. Alternatively, you can open the console in-game with the tilde key (`) and type SHOW FPS.

That will show you what kind of performance you’re getting. From there you can check “Engine and Scalability Settings” as well as the options in System Settings->Rendering and turn off any post-processing you don’t need to achieve 60 fps.

Thanks Lots!

Hey can you answer my other question, just click my name and it talks about polycount.