How to make working notebook/notes system in ue4?

Ideally, check what size the vertical box housing the entries would expand to before it actually expands.

As you keep adding new entries to a Vertical Box, the VB keeps expanding. Normally, before you add a new entry, you’d compare the size of the VB + Entry size against the size of the page. If the newVB size would to exceed the page size, add the new entry to the next page instead.

However, since each entry can have a different size and you only know the desired entry size after the user has punched in the text, you may need to compare container sizes after adding the entry.

Pseudo code:

  • add the new entry as you normally would
  • check if the VB size exceeds the page size now
  • if it does not, fine, you have space left, do nothing else
  • if it does exceed and would cause overlapping:
  • create a new page
  • re-parent the offending entry by adding it as a child to the next page’s VB

The last bit above will remove the entry from the last page (where it overlaps) and add it to the next page automatically. A widget can only have one direct parent at a time - take advantage of that.

Since this will happen within the same frame, you should not see a glitch when the container expends beyond the size of the page and then shrinks back.

If it does, do let me know, there will be a way to counter that.

Thanks a lot.I’ll try and get back to you asap.

hey,i tried checking up the size of vertical box when the punch was made. It works and says the page is full if the size exceeds the specified size(Ex:size=300). The following screenshot is attached below. But the one issue i got was if you try to edit the(give input) text boxes then that box keeps on expanding. Is there any way you can stop reading the input when it reaches the end of the line so no further expansion occurs?

I’ve uploaded the video below. Just want to stop reading the input after the end of first line(Last S).

@ Does it automatically appear in the second line?

Ya it appears at the second line if text box contains 2 lines or more number of text. I thought the notepad cursor appearance style(at the beginning of the line) would add more sophistication. I’ll try what you mentioned and get back to you later on that.

Thank you.
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