How to make widget visible through the selected objects

The basic idea is to make VR widget always visible, even through walls, but not visible through VR Hands and Widget Interaction debug beams.

I tried to follow this tutorial: but it makes widget visible through all possible objects, which is not suitable for my purposes.

I also tried to follow this tutorial about stereo layers: but found that it’s extremely unstable (for example, when I removed a stereo layer component from the blueprint, it still worked until I restarted UE4 editor and sometimes UE4 Editor VR Preview even not started).

Can somebody give advice on how to do that properly? I saw this in a few UE4-based games (so it’s definitely possible), but have no idea how.

I’m using translucency widget material with depth test disabled, but in this case widget will be visible through Hands and beams

Yes, as I wrote, I tried it also and didn’t like this way due to hands overlapping by widget.

Found an answer in Widget3DPassThrough_CustomBase_IgnoreDepth material, which is included in Robo Recall Mod Kit. It also has depth test disabled but uses custom depth checks to prevent view overlapping for actors with certain custom depth stencil value.

But how to prevent view overlapping for actors with certain custom depth stencil value? Is there a parameter to change on these actors? Do I need to enable Render CustomDepth Pass and change the CustomDepth Stencil value of theses actors? And is there a parameter to change in the material function?