How to make whees turn by using a spline

Hello, i am working on a school project, the project is to make a self driving buss to drive around in a track using a spline. My problem is to make the front wheels on the buss turn with the spline. I am using the spline blueprint from this tutorial Ue4 Tutorial - Moving an Object along a path using a Spline Track - YouTube
Thanks in advance i am really looking forward to all your help.

You can set the relative rotation of the wheels by how far you are along the spline:

I don’t know your particular setup, but you have to choose the right axis, of course. And maybe your TL doesn’t go from 0-1, I don’t know. Also, you will have to multiply the 360 by some constant to get a realistic number of revolutions, in this state you will get one revolution for the whole spline :slight_smile:

I wonder if OP wants the wheels to spin or to simply follow spline direction, as in turn Z(Yaw) as the bus keeps rolling down the spline.

We’ll find out soon enough.

Then it would be along the lines of:

( with something meaningful plugged into the distance obviously )

You could be right…

Sorry for the confusing description, I want the wheels to follow the splines direction i z (Yaw). I have already made the code for them to spin on the ground around the x and y axis. Thanks for the answers again!