How to Make Weapon Waggle Independently from the Camera

Hello everyone.

First of all, sorry if the title is not very clear. I’m creating a first-person shooter from the third-person BP template and I would like to achieve something like this:

See how the weapon shakes as the character walk while the camera don’t?

In my case, when I go forward, for example, the camera follows the character movement, giving the impression that the weapon is static.

How would you approach this?

Note: My character uses a spring arm to delay the camera rotation, so it can turn smoothly.

The skeleton/character is animated to move the gun when walking bouncing up and down like any proper animation.

Also since doom is a FP with no true-FP mode the camera is just linked to the character collision capsule or any other component except the arms. This makes the animation a little easier to handle since your movements don’t have to be drastic to be noticed.

Its Wobble btw.