How to make unreal use all of your cpu

I have a question, how do you, if you can make unreal use your entire cpu, the vast majority of cpus have 4 cores, some have 6, mine has 12, and some monstrous cpus at an insane 32 cores, but unreal only ever even touches 2 cores, normally only using half of what the computer can do or at very worst only using 6% (Only achievable on a server processor or the very newest.). Is it even possible to use more than 2 cores on unreal? (Besides lightmass, that runs on all cores.)

You don’t want it to use all of your CPU, it will only use what it needs to. Also, in some cases programs will do an operation that’s single-threaded and it’s just designed to work that way.

No, Access to all your cpu (Not sure how anyone could get it mixed up). I can push it to the max with thousands of actors, only 2 cores ever get used. Not single thread, 2 cores.

There is no magic button that will suddenly make UE4 use all cores. There is 3 main bottlenecks in UE4. The Game thread, the Draw thread and the GPU. The slowest of the 3 will result in the overall Frame time in ms commonly measured in FPS. If you write

Stat Unit

in the console you will see those numbers displayed.

UE4 is using many threads but in the end it all has to come through either the game thread or draw thread.

Many tasks won’t gain much from multi-threading and if done poorly might even just slow the program more than a single-thread due to the extra overhead. You need a parallel task in order to gain performance from multi-threading.

If its running primarily on 2 threads, that explains a lot.