How to make UMG like 'Visual Novel'?

I’ve learned UMG to make 3d visual novel. however i feel hard to make this.
Please see below pic.
8f602b16c1c5dae87067dbb45bb6fc9cae25bc7a.jpegthis is what i want.
I know, it needs ‘button widget’ but I have no idea what I should do to make UMG like dialog.

Is there any tutorial about making dialog?
please give me any information. :slight_smile:

You’d need to make some styling elements with a graphics tool like GIMP or Photoshop then place text in the box. Probably just a multi-line text box.

I put all the text strings into a struct and binded it to a function at proper text boxes (main text window, button’s text)
It makes much sumplier to work with a great amount of text information in UMG
Also, you may put 2-3 (or how much you need) invisible button templates into you text window, which will become visible, usable, and showing proper text from struct at proper time.

also it would be useful to make another struct for all dialog variables (for example, booleans stating if some answer was selected).
it will make savegame scripting much easier.

warning - do not try to store such structs and variables in widgets, it will cause lots of issues.
put them all into gamestate, for example…