How To Make UE4 level a 3D Model

Hi everyone,
Need to make my UE4 level a 3D Object. Tried to import umap into blender but unfortunately did not work. Please help.

To export whole scenes from 3dmax to unreal you use datasmith.
But i never heard about exporting from unreal to blender.
Yes there is (i think obsolete now) format called t3d to export scenes as text from unreal.

You should ask this on blender forums.

Thanks for the reply! Will ask on blender forums

No Luck :sob:

Hey Beaster!
One thing you could try is selecting all your objects in your scene and converting them into one new mesh with the UE developer tools, Then you could export those into an FBX and import that in your desired 3D program, hope that helps! (Window → Developer tools → merge actors)

Thanks for the reply!This really helped! Everything but the landscape imported. Is there a way to import landscape?

Hi there,

You can just select the level in the content browser, right click > Export > Asset Actions > Export. This will export the entire level as a range of files from fbx to gltf.