How to make two players step on a pressure plate at the same time and then opening a door?


I’m currently working on a co-op puzzle game and I was wondering how I might be able to open a door, but only if both players stand on a pressure plate (TriggerBox). I tried with branches but I simply could not make it work :confused:

I would really appreciate help!

Kind regards

You could use a simple box collision in the pressure plate BP. When a player overlaps the collision increment an integer and check if it equals 2. If yes open the door. On end overlap, decrement the integer. This way if a player comes and goes from the box it will subtract from the total.

Thank you! I will try this later today. I’m not that experienced with blueprints and such and I might discover some problems. Do you know any tutorials that might help me with this?,Thank you! I wil try to make it work later today, but I’m not that experienced so I might discover some problems. Do you know of any tutorials on how to do this?

I don’t have a specific tutorial about making a pressure plate but I do have a beginner series for those new to UE4 and blueprints that may help you in general understanding the basics. The first video on casting will be useful as it goes through overlap events and the second video on variables might help as well as I discuss how to use them to keep track of data, set and modify them during game play. You will need to obviously tweak the lessons for your uses but it shouldn’t be too hard. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much! I will check your video out later today :wink: