How To Make Trail Go Upwards And Move Like Snake

Hi, Im Going For A Gun Shot Effect Where The Smoke Is The Trail And IT Moves Upwards For Physics And Realism, I Would Also Like To Animate IT Maybe, Or Something:
Is It Possible To Control Trail Effect In Such A Way, For It To Just Move Upwards Like Real Smoke And Stuff, Thanks!

Why Don’t You Guys Just Say It Can’t Be Done xD, No Need To Avoid Explaining And Helping Someone, Nvm

Can It Be Done? lol

Yes, it can be done.

Yes, Gpu Simulated Particles, That Can Pull Of Realistic Smoke I Guess, Hopefully 100k Is Enough lol xD Thanks!

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Or Use A Basic Ribbon System With Velocity Like Here:
Intro to Cascade: Creating a Ribbon Emitter | 08 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube Cool

Yep can be done… Would suggest looking at ribbon type particle systems……bon/index.html



Thanks For Reply:
I Even Tried To Put On Market For Free But For Some Reason That Was Some Next Level Problem Where The Free Option Disappears When Choosing Category lol:
So Ill Just Share Here Very Simple And Basic Smoke Ribbon Particle! AWESOME:…d7hxp50Cz/view

Your A Good Samaritan I Can Tell xD