How to make timeline the length of anim montage

I was trying to set up a dodge dash type movement and found that updating the location over a timeline got the feel that I wanted. However, I was trying to have the timeline be the length of the anim montage so that the anim montage will end right at the end of the timeline. Currently I was using the SetTimelineLength and SetPlayRate node and it feels about right but I wanted to see if this is how making the timeline length being equal to the anim montage length would be handled or if there was a better way.

The images go from left to right starting from the first image
Video example of current state:

Pretty sure there’s no way to actually make a timeline work like this.

I was looking for similar logic, the best way to make it happen is to use a timer with a reference to delta.

Here’s a screenshot of my current setup. It’s an adjustable “turn to actor” action for my AI system. Functions similar to how you’ll want to do it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to see if I could achieve the desired effect without a tick event. I will keep this in mind in case I need to make a change later on. I probably would have tried using root motion for the dashing action but I don’t have a dash animation to use for currently so I’m using an edited run startup animation. I have also tried using the launch character node but the speed that the player was moving was too fast for what I wanted.

Thanks but I’m not sure how this would help have the time line length match with the anim montage length. Would I not just set the timeline length to be equal the anim montage length like I have in my example?

Perhaps with something like this: