How to make things look pretty?

So I basically spent an entire month figuring out Lighting and Level Design and tried applying what I’ve learned countless times and the outcome is always hideous. I am at the point where I consider quitting Unreal altogether after months of good progress.
After all, what’s a game without pleasant or at least bearable visuals.
I can’t even set up a single interior with poly models and solid colors to look good, it would make anyone throw up at first sight.
I’ve watched tons of tutorials and inspected a couple example projects but nothing helps. There is just so many variables and I don’t know where to start so if anyone had any tips then please give a fella a hand :slight_smile:

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How long have you been doing it? I would say, keep going, especially copying looks you like, for at least a year. Then you’re getting there…

Sorry, but it does take time.

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Is this your first attempt at doing 3D modeling at all? One month is not a very long time. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill – if you work 8 hours a day, 50 weeks a year, that’s five years of practice.

If you’re already good in a tool like 3ds Max or Blender, but not in Unreal, then you could likely find some way to transfer those skills, but if you’re building from scratch, it’s just the way it is – skills are HARD WORK. (Which is why it’s expensive to hire people who have the skills.)

One tip might be to purchase one or two “modular” content packs on the marketplace, or perhaps look for free offers, and use those modular assets to build levels – someone else already did the work to make surfaces and shapes, and you can focus on composition / level building. And a third approach is to post screen shots, and ask for specific feedback – “here’s a room, I don’t like the lighting in the corners, what would you suggest I try?”

Keep at it!

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The visual side of things I practiced for a month now. I’ve even tried to copy paste sample projects with the exact models and lights but they never look the same. I wanna keep trying as much as I want stop but I don’t even know when to start.

Thank you for your encouragements, I’ve been doing exactly what you advised but with mediocre results. I’ll take a break and start again hopefully.

You could also try posting some example images of where you’re at, that way people can weigh in with specific improvements you could make. You might find that you’re only a few understandings away from making something look the way you want it - whether it’s proper UVs, better materials, greater understanding of Unreal’s lighting system, etc.

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Something I found really useful, is to google scenes that you find amazing. Fantasy art type things, nothing to do with UE. Then try to recreate them in UE.

It’s not easy at all, but very good practice.

Something else to know: If it’s not looking right, it’s definitely not because you haven’t spent long enough tweaking directional light settings ( or whatever ). In the end, getting it right will be simple, and part of the art of it, is cutting many corners.

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