How to make the Top Down Template character automatically vault small obstacles?

I am currently making a mobile turn-based strategy game, like XCOM but without a grid for movement. The goal if you click next to low cover, your character will approach it and then take cover. If you click on the other side of the cover the character will approach it and vault over it before either taking cover on the new side, if the character is close enough, or keep walking.
The issue I am running into is I am trying to be as resource efficient as possible so I can have all bits of small cover have a collision box that detects the player because the map is procedural. Additionally, I would like to avoid using a collision test set to an event tick on the character.
The only other requirement is that it needs to be run in the character blueprint since you will be controlling multiple characters.
I understand this is a somewhat complicated request, but I apricate any help.