How to make the texture streaming memory pool larger by default?

Hi there, so I was having lots of issues with texture streaming, and then solved them with the r.streaming.poolsize console command. I put a console command node in the level blueprint so it would automatically increas when you run the level, but I am wondering is there a config file somewhere that would allow you to make the editor and engine default to a value much larger than the 1000 that it defaults to now without having to use the console command ( just want the default streaming pool to be something more like 6000 or 7000 when the editor loads up? )

Any info would be much appreciated

Hi Jay,

You can set this in the ConsoleVariables.ini file in the Engine Folder > Config >

You only need to add the console variable to file and and set the value that you want to be default. You should have something like this in that file.


You can check this value in the editor by looking at the Output Log window and typing in the console command with a space and then ? at the end. This will give a description of the cvar along with the currently set default value.

I hope this helps.


Wonderful, thanks for the info, appreciate it!!!

Thanks Tim.

I just want to say that it works as written, but I find it funny, that if you want to increase the poolsize directly from console you have to write without the ‘equal’ sign. as in:

r.Streaming.PoolSize 4000


Thanks, Mitja. I actually didn’t realize the equal sign needed to be left out. Your comment helped me continue working on my project. Thanks :wink: