How to make the "shooter game" project?

I downloaded the “Shooter Game” project on the Unreal Engine learn section, and my question is when I click “Create Project” is says:
Warning: Renaming code projects is not fully supported.
Shooter Game contains code, we’ll rename the project for you, but you might need to do extra work to get it compiling.

Are you sure you want to continue? (Continue) (Cancel)

So how do I make a project with all the assets from the shooter game project? And can I make more than 1 level with the assets it gives me? From the vids I see on youtube, its only 1 level. Can I create a single and multiplayer game out of it? Is there Unreal Engine documentation tutoring you through the whole project?

(I’m very new to UE4 btw, I’m VERY used to Unity 4.6, any help… helps)

Can’t you just run the program without renaming or recompiling everything other than what’s already in the project? Worked for me with “Blueprints”, “Content Examples”, “Elemental Demo”, “Landscape Mountains”, “Particle Effects”, “Reflections”, “SciFi Hallway”, “Sun Temple” and “Tappy Chicken”.

I get the warning from above, but after I do it and it renames it opens up and everything works. Weird.
Also, can I make a whole video game out of this? As far as I know, all I have to do it give 5% of revenues to EPIC and I’d be fine right? They don’t copyright the examples?

You can freely use the assets that were made in each of the demos but you can’t make a game that includes any of the demo sections in your own game. I think the actual tech demos are copyrighted, but the assets and techniques are not.

You only have to pay 5% of your revenue if you earn a ton of money from your game. Funds earned by award-winnings do not count towards the 5% revenue.

Heh, I can’t even figure out HOW to download the shooter sample. Actually, none of the samples/tutorials seems to be downloadable…

Update: Ah, there is a (very small) download icon in the learn section of the launcher, just below the menu tiles. Silly me, starting with the documentation on the website. :slight_smile:

Wow dude you want to take a level and demo someone else made and claim it as your own? seriously? lol epic see what you caused.

Has anyone figured out how to do this yet ? I tried creating a new project from the ShooterGame project and it does warn you that you have to do additional work to get it to compile…

Does anyone know what needs to change to make it work ?

I have renamed EVERYTHING with “ShooterGame” to “TestProject”, That includes code, file names, folder names…etc… and that doesn’t help either.

I’d like to use some parts of this project, like the FPS camera code and networking code in my own FPS/3RD person game.

Ok, so today is a blessed day. I have figured it out!

If anyone’s interested, they can post me a message and I will share.