How to make the normal playback speed of particle effect when using 'Set Global Time Dilation' node?

In version 4.21, I use ‘Set Global Time Dilation’ to slow down the time, and then configure a particle effect in the way of animation notification on montage animation. Then, as long as I use ‘Custom Time Dilation’, I can make the particle effect play at a normal speed. But when I upgraded the project to 2.24, I found that this method failed. The particle effect configured on the montage cannot be affected by the ‘Custom Time Dilation’. When using the ‘Set Global Time Dilation’ node to slow down the time, the effect will become very slow. Even if I use ‘Custom Time Dilation’ to offset the slow down time of ‘Set Global Time Dilation’, it will not work, but it is effective in 4.21.

So, I hope to find a way to keep the playback speed of particle effects unaffected when using the ‘Set Global Time Dilation’ node to slow down the time.

I don’t think its possible as Global Time Dilation scales delta time globally. You would need to query objects you want to freeze, set CustomTimeDilation to 0 so you still can manipulate other objects time dilation.