How to make the marks of tires when the car drift?

Guys, need help !!!
How to make the marks of tires when the car drift ?
Maybe someone knows what you can do or is there a link?
For several days I can not find anything

In your car blueprint:

simple: spawn decal on tyres.
complex: draw line/spline at tyre location.

the material for that would be a decal masked tyre mark.

  1. create a dummy arrow component or something and sync its location up with your wheels. these will be used to get tiretrack locations.

  2. You can do a line trace down to the ground from the BP, start it at the arrow component locations. Once it hits the correct physical material (or you can do tags or whatever) create a decal (with the “Spawn decal at location” node) and feed the hit location. Do this a bunch of times. You can also get the rotation of the arrow/player/car so they align.

This is roughly how its done in the car game ue demo, however that’s not in BP unfortunately.

con: If the track is curving a lot you might get a gap/overlaps on the decals in the curve. perhaps its possible to do some masking for that or attempt the line/spline-method Construc_ mentioned.