How to make the map ''lighter-better fps''

I am making my map 2 months now and i was wondering what can i do to make the map run better i mean the center map has way better fps that the insland and scorches earth why is that ?
i Know that adding SP_ and stuff like that will use more gpu/cpu power and they are going to drop my fps. But over all is there something i should have in mind ?

Both of those have way less foliage actors then the island does.
The main “hit” is going to be your foliage complexity (for Ark anyways). Reduction in the amount of trees, rocks, plants, etc etc will have a big play on your total FPS.
Also, keep in mind, your dino count.

also - if you are using anything above a 2k map res … way bye bye to your FPS
I suggest a 1k or less
Also map size (yes, including the under water parts) will hit the FPS hard. I think Ark is 16km cubed? Something like that, maybe 8km cubed.

I see.
How about levels ? Is there any impact on the amount of levels ? for example: by splitting the map to different Regions and building different levels for every region. So every region is having its own tree level,rock level,etc.

Sorry for the late reply … i don’t come in here much (to the ADK part)
No, level loaded is level loaded. You can chop your map in 1,000 parts, but, in the end, its all loaded anyways. The “level streaming” was only done on the foliage, and, that’s not really streaming, its culling.
So you are kinda up the creek without a paddle for making big maps. It will end-up lacking content one way or another to makeup for the loss of overhead on the landscape alone.

The simple way of explaining it:
One map, lets say its 50mb. Landscape alone + material. 16x16
Lets chop it into 4 parts but load the entire thing up so the players can see from one side of the map to the other.
Well, 4 parts is 8x8x4 … (dont quote me on that math lol)
But we loaded it all, so, its still the same as 16x16x1

The magic happens when you “split the landscape” simply due to making it easier to work with.
Most you guys are 8gb-16gb ram with some low-end equipment, or, laptops. Not saying it doesnt run or function, but, dev machines they do not make. i digress …
the magic comes from being able to “unload” parts of the map to free up RAM and CPU power to work on another part. Load an entire single map and try to populate it … your PC will blow up (or just lock up, but, i like to picture the more dramatic)

Luckily i am on x99 platform so i am ok with the workload for the time been i do need more than my 16 gb ram i am almost using all of it ^_^. I am a Pc modder so i got a nice fully watercooled highend system.
Thanks for the tips!

You shouldnt. Just limit the amount of chrome windows you have open at the time lol …
ADK is GPU heavy, well, Ark itself is super GPU heavy in my opinion … and as per the stat display. but who am i to optimize and say? bwahaha
Anyways - you should be ok. Just keep the foliage count down. The less the better. Less particle effects the better. Hmmm, you dont need 10 million dinos to make the map playable… keep that count down as well.
i would say, in that order, is what will kill ya.
Playing in editor doesnt give you a real good idea of the final product.

like you said, center has better FPS.
Center uses less foliage, and, doesnt look as good as the other 2 (that map makes me cringe when i look at it.)
i think there was some other optimizations done as well to the foliage as the trees look way less poly then the default ones, tho, im not 100% sure on that. I always feel the center has a cartoon look to it (that’s putting it nice).

Well i have got one big landscape and my dungeons are on different lanscapes :stuck_out_tongue: . Is there a way to split the already existing landscape at the end ? Like select the landscape blocks and turn the selected part in to a new landscape ? :open_mouth: that would be cool XD
I just came up with the idea and i dont have access to my desktop to look around :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yes there is a way - you can do exactly like you just said in the landscape tool …
have i used it? nope. Seems to break more then it helps lol. Outdated modified engine is … still outdated.

Ok i will back up everything and try it and see whats going to happen :stuck_out_tongue: