How to make the Hud Draw Texture to be above the Widgets?

I’ve made a radar and a minimap for my game, but the radar was made following a tutorial using the HUD and Draw Rect/Texture, while the Minimap is UMG.

Is there any way if I can place my radar above the minimap? Unfortunately I haven’t been lucky to try to make a UMG version as the blueprint now is a mess due to modifications i’ve made.

Imphidel once told me about this OnPaint thing, but never managed to make it work with foreach loops.

No one? I did have some progress with UMG, but the fact that the Shooter Tutorial used the Event Receive Draw HUD, it makes the Widget to have trails when I move.

I’m just guessing but is there not a z order option in ue4 can’t even remember if that’s what it’s called but if their is that should do it.

Zorder from Add To viewport? Nah, that doesn’t work, even if I set -1

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: thought there might be a node that would do something similar.

A friend managed to solve it by changing the Actor Component to create the widget, and inside the UMG, he inserted all the funcions from the tutorial on the OnPaint, I gave the extra modifications to turn it back into the original function it was before.

Nice ! apparently you need at least 10 char to post a reply so here’s some words :stuck_out_tongue: