How to make the ground have a ripple effect in UE5?

I am currently making a recreation of the SNES Rainbow Road map from Mario Kart 8 for my video game design class. I was wondering if there was a way to give the ground a ripple effect like the one it has after a star thwomp lands during the level?

Put your road Mesh on a spline and modify it during runtime. In the content example BP_Splines is a nice example for that with some fairy lights.
The ripple effect you get if you “mirror” the spline points to a sine curve and move it over time on the x-axis. You need only some basics in trigonometry functions.

Would you mind giving me a more visual example of how to do it? I have never used splines before and looking at the examples is very confusing for me.

This was just an idea how to do it. I try to build an example today.

Sorry to bother you again but were you ever able to build an example for the ripple effect?