How to make the gear VR motion controller work with the first person blueprint character

i followed the link epic developers provided for adding the Gear VR motion controller to a pawn.

Set Up Motion Controller for Gear VR Documentation.

and i managed to do the same thing (for an empty pawn or a new pawn similar to the documentation but i can’t add it to the default first person BP) my main objective is to make a character blueprint that is capable of using gear vr motion controller and move around the level using the movement commands.
i followed two approaches:

  • First approach was using the documentation character PB ( motion controller works fine but cant move the character) and trying to implant the movement feature in it.(didn’t work HELP IS NEEDED EITHER HERE).

  • Second approach was the opposite which means using the default first person character (movements works fine but gear VR motion controller don’t work) and trying to make the gear VR motion controller function correctly (didn’t work either HELP IS NEEDED OR HERE).