How to make the first person camera not rotate by 360 degrees


I’m currently making a project and I’ve added a first person camera in while having a third person camera as well. I would like to know how i can keep the full 360 degrees rotation on the third person camera but have the first person camera limited to the meshes(player) direction.

Third person camera

First person camera that doesn’t work (Don’t mind the blur)

Be sure to parent the location of the FPS camera to the head of the character. In the Viewport view inside the BP editor, click the camera. In the properties pane you should find a section that says “Sockets” and a line that says “Parent Socket”. Use the search bar to find the socket you want (Head, Neck, etc.).

Note: The view will still be a little finicky and won’t drive your character. To figure out how to do that, I recommend this tutorial:

I’ve already watched that video and that’s how i made my camera. I have the camera attached to a socket on the head but it still moves 360 degrees which i only want the third person camera to do. I need to first person camera to stay still. How?