How to make the enemy move?

I’m trying to make an enemy move in a 2d platformer. The blueprint in the event graph should work, but when I play, it just stands there.

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Apr 2017 and no answer… bummer.

Hey @DevSmash!

Why don’t you make a post with your problem on the forums? Get some eyes on what you’ve got going on!

This post is rather old, but it doesn’t supply enough information to fix anything. This is an event, but it’s not saying where it’s called, if there’s an AI controller, etc.

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Sorry, I was just feeling bad for the guy. lol

Hey @Sdalvik! This is for anyone searching for this problem, sorry this is so behind, and I hope you found your solution!

You will need to have an input for this to take effect. You’ll use “InputAxis X” And on the output use “add directional input” with an input of player controller. Next to get the sprite to turn, you want to use “set Flipbook.” Here’s some info on flipbooks since you’re going with a 2d game! Flipbooks are how the character sprite changes in game, typically you’re not going to have a skeletal mesh so this is how animation works in 2d!

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