How to make the end user's desktop graphic the background in a game

Hello :slight_smile:

How can i make the user’s desktop graphic the dynamic background in a game?

(I didn’t really know which section should i choose, i hope C++ Programming is the best one)

What do you mean? whats “desktop graphic the dynamic background”

What i mean is… i want a game to take a some kind of screenshot or just a desktop wallpaper image and use it to simulate the players real desktop as good as possible. I know there is widget that allows You to take a desktop wallpaper image in editor. The thing is i need it to be a game feature. Not in editor thing.

You could minimize the game window as soon as it’s opened using something like this: how to minimize game window at runtime? - AnswerHub - Unreal Engine Forums.
Take the screenshot when minimized using winapi: c++ - How can I take a screenshot in a windows application? - Stack Overflow
Find a way to convert the screenshot to an unreal texture and use it.

I will try do as You say. Sounds promising