How to make the car in starterpack in UE4 drive over the ramp I had build?

I’ve been testing a small ramp, but the car didn’t drive over the ramp I’ve imported, instead it keep hitting the beginning of the ramp… please help, couldn’t find a tutorial on youtube please help, I want to make the car drive over a bridge/ramp like the starterpack object.

Hey there @CYBERARTSTUDIO! Welcome to the community! So first I’ll give a bit of a preface to chaos vehicles in that they are pretty close to simulation like vehicles in that arcade-like movements like ramps, lateral movement, and things of that nature are harder to pull off without some modification or concessions.

So one of the quirks of the system is that it handles many of it’s collisions a little bit differently. So for reference the ramps included in the test level work fine because 1 they are tipped slightly into the ground, 2 their incline is relatively minor. Examples:

I’m just using the starter car with only one modification (I have attached a turbo boost to mine) but I’ll demo without it.

If you’d like a ramp to start with as a template, use the ones on the VehicleExampleMap.

I haven’t looked into the collision before posting, thank you so much for your quick reply!