How to make the camera focus on only one object?

Hello, I’m trying to make the camera in first person focus only on an object. My idea is that the character look at an specific object and the camera focus only in it and everything else around get blurred, when the camera turn to other side and the object stay out of the sight the blur will disappear and the focus will return to normal. How could i do that?

You do it with a second camera and the SetViewTargetWithBlend node. Don’t try and move the first person camera:

Take this tutorial to make a post processing material for a radial blur: [UE4 Tutorial: Radial Blur (Request) - YouTube][1]

Then, instead of setting that material in the post processing volume of your world, you set it in the camera of the character:

  1. create 2 post processing settings variables
  2. in one of them set the material and on the other don’t
  3. you can now switch between the 2 settings.

Setting the post processing material in one of the variables:


Example of control (in your case, to switch the blur/no blur when object is no longer in focus, use a linetrace or something else):


Hello !

I was trying to achieve the focus on a specific object with a camera as well.

I manage to do it with the Cine Camera Component instead of the classic camera.

I simply adjust the distance focus with a line trace by channel, if there is a hit, I set the Manual Focus Distance to the line trace distance, otherwise I set it to a default value :

The result is ok for me. ( line trace is shot from the magenta square point in the middle of the screen )

Image 1 No focus on object :

Image 2 Focus on object squares Green ( and the small one ) :