How to make the Arms of my character rotate to the mouse?

I want to make a MetroidVania type of game. I need a way to rotate the arms of my character to the mouse position. I already set it up so my arms can rotate i just need the math now.

You mean you want your character to move his hands to where the mouse is pointing? In that case I think you will need Inverse Kinematics (IK). I belieave there is an example in the Example Content (with the oven character)

But if you are not looking for physical correctness, you might be able to achieve this blend spaces. I think there is another example within UE4 where oven character points his gun at the mouse pointer. You might be able to use that example and modify it a little bit for your needs

and how do i get it to point to my mouse ? Convert to World space dosent really work that great

I am not an expert at animations, but I think you can control the rotation (Pitch, Yaw and Roll) of your character’s hand bone to control it.

You can get the world space position under your cursor using ‘get Hit Result under Cursor’ node. I am not sure if this is what you wanted.

i already tried that. rotating upwarts works fine but its not accurate. aiming down sets the offset wrong. so hes not aiming down. could you try it yourself and then send it to me ?