How to make the actor consistent with the movement of the attached object?

I am going to do an AI throwing stone action, first attach the stone to the AI’s hand, then cancel the attachment when the stone is thrown, and finally set an initial velocity for the stone and launch.
When the AttachToActor is called, the stone moves to the correct position, but then falls down. I tried to adjust the position of the Socket so that the AI and the stone do not collide with each other. I also tried to make the stone connection no longer simulate physics, even tried it. SetEnableGravity(false) after connection, but none of them play a role.
On the way down (because the collision is cancelled, the stone will penetrate the floor) I opened the grid view and found that the movement of the stone along with the AI will also be affected, which means the attachment is successful, but it can’t Stop the fall of the stone.
I sincerely hope that you can help me solve this problem, thank you very much for your reply.

Another point is that I used ProjectileMovementComponent, I don’t know if it will affect it.

First,when using ProjectileMovementComponent you should never simulate physics.
Now, to attach the item to the socket you’ll need to disable the ProjectileMovementComponent. One way to do this would be to set the ProjectileMovementComponents “auto-activate” tag to false in the details panel. Then, when the stone is thrown, call Activate() on the stone actor’s ProjectileMovementComponent.
Another way of doing this would be to create the ProjectileMovementComponent just before the rock gets thrown. I’d suggest doing it the deactivate/activate way.

But I found that there is another way to make this stone stay on the Socket, just set bShouldBounce to false, in fact this is probably the reason why the stone can not stay on the Socket.
I was intended to wait for my finishing the stone throwing action, to ensure the correctness of the time to end this topic, your response speed is beyond my expectations and very effective, sincere thanks!