How to make texture animate with mass spoawner?

Hello, I have vertex animated texture , when I place a mesh alone using that texture, it is animated (vertex animation) however when I use the mass spawner, the vertexes are not animating anymore, heck, the materials are not even rendering when I add crowd representation… I get the default pose manequin with the default grid material (lack of material default grid), does anyone knows how can I make the mass entity trait data asset accept the material?

If I create an actor, set that mesh as the root and use that inthe mass spawner it works but not if i just get the mesh

All of the different mass processors that might affect this makes it hard to know immediately what’s causing this, but it’s likely related to the UMassProcessor_CrowdVisualizationCustomData (If you’re in City Sample project) or UMassCrowdUpdateISMVertexAnimationProcessor. Specifically UMassProcessor_CrowdVisualizationCustomData has assumptions about the animations used in City Sample I believe and won’t work well for other animations. You might have to make your own similar processor (and make sure both aren’t running e.g. via tag filtering). I’d recommend using breakpoints in Visual Studio in those to understand how everything is connected.

Also this CSV I made of all the mass processors and fragments in City Sample which might help: Script to better understand MassEntity Processor and Fragment dependencies

Actually take a look at UCitySampleCrowdVisualizationFragmentInitializer::Execute. It overwrites the StaticMeshDescIndex. This will only run if your data asset is configured to have City Sample Crowd Visualization Fragment under the “Assorted Fragments” Trait (which is true in City Sample).