How to make text/image appear and disappear when scene starts.

I am trying to make this text/image appear in my map when the stage is loaded and then disappear.

I was initially following this tutorial, but I followed it and it didn’t work (I am on 14.0): Unreal 4 UMG Basic Text To Scre

It involved me adding visibility nodes for my text and image placards and me making a blueprint widget.

What I tried to do first was display the stage name and symbol by adding a trigger volume area in the level and have the player start spawn the player within that trigger but it didn’t work and I don’t want to use any type of trigger volume (if possible) I just want the text/image to be displayed upon the start of my stage then disappear.


Is there a way to do it without a trigger volume event and upon the stage being loaded automatically?


Please be specific with me as possible so that I may learn.

Hi, darkmanx_429,

There are two ways that I can think of to achieve your desired result.

  1. In your HUD blueprint, in Set Visibility, change the setting to Hidden instead of Visible and it should work, however I would recommend a delay (Hold D and click) otherwise you won’t even see the HUD appear to begin with.

  2. Attached is the other method:

Hope this helps!

Thanks man, this has been bugging me! I am going to try it out and then post the result.

Thanks man, indeed your 2nd method came to mind after I tried method 1.

For some reason just changing the visibility to hidden didn’t work, so I deleted the variables I created and tried method 2 and got it to display.

Now, I am trying to figure out how to use the timeline in order to adjust the visibility of the image/text to fade in and disappear and add that to the Event Graph for my stage…