how to make text based adventure

im not going for an interactive fiction game like zork, i have a body of text, as normal, but instead of letting the player input text, im giving the player 4 options to a scenario which progresses the story. i want to figure out how to set it up before adding more features and writing more. i plan on adding inventory which can change the outcome of a selected option.

i hopefully want to publish it on the app stores and steam, and i want the game to be very basic and a time killer, but also entertaining so all i need to kmnow is how to have a body of text appear with 4 options (on a 2d plane; forced view) and each option is clickable and each option loads up a summary of your actions, then a continue button and another body of text with 4 more options, etc…

would it be easy to make each body of text an image and have the options load the next image and so on, or is there a way (easy way) to have text load ontop of the foreground which is clickable?

i figure id ask someone else more experienced than search for hours or days.


Putting text on a plane is easy peasy. Umg could do it pretty well http://wiki.unrealengine./NPC_Dialogue_System_Tutorial
Check this out to see if you can apply its basic operation to what you want