How to make text appear and then disappear in a scene?

I am trying to make this text/image appear in my map when the stage is loaded and then disappear.

What I did was assign a text and visibility binding to the UMG assets at default these items would be not visible.

Unfortunately when I assigned the command to trigger the event via my level blueprint. It does not work.

Can someone help me out in what I am doing wrong. I would just like for the imagery to appear briefly , disappear, and then only be triggered once when the level is loaded.

You could simply create the widget and add it to the viewport on the trigger event. Is there any reason you need the widget reference before this?

I was initially following this tutorial, but I followed it and it didn’t work : Unreal 4 UMG Basic Text To Screen & 2D Image - YouTube

What I tried to do first was display the stage name and symbol by adding a trigger volume area in the level and have the player start spawn the player within that trigger but it didn’t work.

Is there a way to do it without a trigger volume event and upon the stage being loaded automatically?

The BeginPlay event of your level blueprint seems ok for what you want to achieve.

I suggest removing your trigger volume and handling the visibility of your text in the Widget Blueprint. If you want to have something fancy (ex: animations), you could trigger this in the Construct event of the Widget.