How to make sword face direction of movement

Hi, I’ve spent a number of weeks trying to get the roll value of a sword i have to face the direction of movement, so that no matter what direction its moving in its ready to cut through something.

The two problems im having is when you look nearly straight up or down, the sword stops rotating, and that the roll only works if its moving up, but not down, i think this is due to the roll only having a range of 180 degrees?

So far i’ve tracked the tip of the sword between frames and used that to calculate the direction of movement by using find look at, and ive also got the normal of three points, being the root of the sword, the tip, and the tip but offset. Both of these approaches have the aforementioned issues.

What am i missing? Thanks in advance

Here is what i have so far by the way

Why don’t you attach the Sword to your Character (Socket, Mesh, Collider, Camera, anything) and then play an Animation for Attack

Its a physics driven game where you possess a large floating sword, the player needs to be able to slice at something from any direction x

I’m currently trying to make an arena slasher game and am trying to implement a mechanic that allows the player to control the movement of their sword by holding down the left mouse button and using the mouse movement to swing the sword around UPSers

Have you made any progress, what approach are you using?
also that linked me to the ups employee login page hahaha