How to make Sweeney spend more cash on this upgrades? And take us all to the moon!

Hi Dev team!
When will UnrealEngine spend some fresh harvested cash having Sequencer to do transition and effects like Premiere, Camtasia or After Effects?

And more ui friendly control over audio volumes inside Sequencer, and scalable friendly performance! If you want to see current state of the art try adding 150 audio effects on a Audio sequencer track (how laggy it gets).
Check the “Add clip speed” how cool is it, And do you see the green curve to adjust the volumes? Much better than keyframing right? Well actually you are allowed to do both in Camtasia

When you click the “Clip Speed” clip it opens a panel with the following options:

And facial, fingers and lipsynch control like iClone?
Face puppeting?

Creating lipsynch from text to speech?
Keyframing expressions directly to the timeline?

Rokoko directly recording inside unreal, and converting it into a Animation Sequence file, without third party programs involved? Or a Unreal Motion Suit with gloves and everything?



Is it really a utopia?
A rough estimation would be great!
Thanks! :cool:

It affects all of us! :cool:
Isn’t it so?